Redirected Access Error Corrected

Hi guys now we have a fix issued by Microsoft to solve the error using McAfee with Hyper-v on 2008 R2 sp1

Try to homologate it on Hyper-v cluster with the last version of McAfee antivirus

1. reinstall McAfee antivirus on hyper-v cluster

2. simulate the “redirected access” error (when all disks on all hosts enter on redirected access)

3. apply the KB issued by Microsoft



Thiago Beier


About Thiago Beier
IT Professional studying, working and living in Toronto, CANADA.

One Response to Redirected Access Error Corrected

  1. Gostei, ficou bom, mas tive que usar o google translator.
    Amigo brasileiro, coloque um gadget de tradução no seu blog.

    Eu volto…. 🙂

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